Verizon's having trouble keeping the nation's "most reliable 4G network" up and running, yet again — as of this morning, we've received reports that data services (including both 3G and LTE) are down in Houston, Dallas, and Memphis, with plenty of complaints on Twitter as well from users across the country. On our end, we're experiencing LTE outages in our New York City office, though 3G appears to be working at the moment. Verizon has already acknowledged this issue with a message on its customers service line that says "we are aware that some customers in your area are experiencing difficulty with processing data, such as text, picture, and email messaging. We're already working to resolve the issue." We'll see how quickly the company can get service restored, but in the meantime we hope you have a Wi-Fi connection readily available if you need to get your phone online.

Update: A Verizon Wireless representative reached out to us with the following statement:

Verizon Wireless is investigating customer issues in connecting to the 4GLTE data network, starting around 6:30 AM EST today. 3G data, and voice and text services are operating reliably.

Despite Verizon's statement, we're still seeing reports from users who are having trouble with 3G as well — though the LTE problems appear to be much more widespread.

Update 2: Verizon now claims that service has been restored, although we're still seeing some folks on Twitter who are experiencing lingering issues. Hopefully things will be back to normal for everyone soon.

Thanks to everyone who let us know of their issues!