Mozilla's plan to launch the Mozilla Marketplace, a web app store, to compete with Google's Chrome Web Store is drawing close to readiness — the company announced that it will begin accepting submissions from app developers at Mobile World Congress next week. Using a combination of HTML5 and some "Mozilla-proposed APIs," developers will be able to build web apps that you can buy once and run across any HTML5-compatible platform. While developers will be able to submit apps next week, the store won't be open for consumers until "later this year." Hopefully Mozilla will roll this store out sooner than later — Google's Chrome Web Store will have more than a year's head-start on the Mozilla Marketplace by the time it launches, and Chrome stole marketshare from Firefox steadily throughout 2011. Mozilla specifically said its apps would run across all HTML5 browsers and operating systems, so even if Chrome continues to dominate Firefox, the Mozilla Marketplace should have a bigger audience than just Firefox users.