Television shows: What are you watching?

I really think that The Verge forums needs 2 more sections: Cars and Television.

TV is my best friend. Here is a list of what I watch.

Currently On Air:

Absolute Favorite Shows:

Drama - Mad Men

Comedy - 30 Rock

The Office used to be my favorite show, but after what I refer to as the "WHERE ARE THE TURTLES" episode, it was replaced by 30 Rock.

Shows I Religiously Watch That are Currently on Air. - In order of quality of current season

30 Rock

Mad Men - Even though it isn't on till March.

Parks and Recreation

The Walking Dead

Modern Family

Community (although it has stumbled this season)

New Girl


Up All Night

The Voice

The Office

Shows I Love But am Behind On - In order of quality of what I last saw


Top Gear UK


The Good Wife

The Big Bang Theory (The show is so good that the laugh track is forgivable)

Boardwalk Empire


That Mitchell and Webb Look

Chuck - Yes I know it's over.. I just haven't seen the last season.


Criminal Minds

Shows I Have Never Seen( but really need to watch)

Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones

Firefly - For what it's worth, I have seen Serenity like 3 times.

Cancelled Shows

Pushing Daisies - It took 2 years for me to work up the courage to watch the last episode. I still cried.

Arrested Development

Dead Like Me

Heroes (Seasons 1 and 5)


Now it's your turn. What shows do you watch? Or you can just comment about how amazing my list is.