A new film from chemical firm Toray uses thousands of invisible random wrinkles to prevent fingerprints binding to a surface. Unveiled at Nano Tech 2012, the film uses the same wet-coating technology as other oleophobic coatings, though unlike other solutions it doesn't rely on a material which reacts to oil, instead using the texture of the film to prevent the fingerprints being left behind. Because the ridges are only nanometers wide, they're impossible to both see or feel, meaning that you're unlikely to realise if your latest device gets treated with the coating.

A company spokesperson told DigInfo News that "we'd like this film to be used, [...] for example, as a protective sheet for touchscreens, or a glossy decorative material." However, Toray is only in the R&D stage and is still looking for hardware partners, so it could be a little while before this finds its way to your next handset.