How many "High End" Android phones are sold?

The recent report from samsung galaxy s II sales got me wondering what the breakdown was.

Samsung seems to have sold around 20 million galaxy s II model, these are ALL flagship android phones and not the "free" android phones that are sometimes thrown around as the reason android has more sales. That is still a far cry from apple which seems to have sold around that many in a single quarter:

According to that article, and some elementary school algebra, in the 4rth quarter apple seems to have sold about 20 million iphone 4s models. Now much of that is front loaded in all likelihood due to a delayed release of the new iphone, but that is still a huge number.

We don't really have specific quarter numbers for "high end" android phones though, the closest thing I could find is a sold to date number for the samsung gsII, but maybe the data is out there and I just don't know it. If so, please enlighten me as I'd like to know. How many high end HTC devices were sold? Motorola? Sony phones?

My guess is that apple has a higher % of iphone users opting for flagship iOS phones, but the stereotype that android smartphone sales consist of almost nothing but a vast sea of 0 dollar budget busters for people who "can't do better" is garbage.