Augmented reality eyewear company Lumus had some impressive technology at CES, and now it looks like the company is trying to integrate its heads-up displays into smaller form factors than the hefty frames we saw there. The OE-31 optical engine apparently weighs 10 grams and is smaller than a quarter, allowing it to fit into ordinary frames or goggles. Unlike the 720p glasses from CES, this sensor displays only a 640 x 360 screen, but the image clarity looks similar to that of some other products we were shown.

The demo videos at the source link also show a new UI that includes text messages, games, and a web browser. The videos don't include any interaction with the display, so we're not sure if these are actual planned features or just a concept for potential Lumus partners to build off. The company hasn't announced whether anyone has licensed its display technology, but the OE-31 looks like a step towards something that could be integrated into actual eyewear. Now we'll just have to see if it can compete with whatever Google's developing.