In the Star Trek classic "The Doomsday Machine," the USS Enterprise and USS Constellation team up to fight a massive machine that can destroy planets. The episode was the work of author Norman Spinrad, who actually wrote two episodes for the series — and the script for his unproduced second episode has been discovered after 45 years. Entitled "He Walked Among Us," the episode was originally envisioned as a dramatic opportunity for actor Milton Berle — yes, that Milton Berle — before being rewritten as a comedy by the show's line producer. Creator Gene Roddenberry ended up canceling the episode after the changes, and Spinrad thought his original script had been lost before a fan recently presented him with a copy to autograph. Spinrad's since made the script available for purchase as an ebook, so if you'd like to get a glimpse at a James T. Kirk adventure that never came to be, you can pick it up on Amazon's Kindle Store now.