Even though the original Motorola Droid X is nearly two years old, Verizon hasn't forgotten about the owners of this once-mighty smartphone. Verizon has begun rolling out a 15MB over-the-air software update — it's not an Ice Cream Sandwich update, but there are a lot of bug fixes for users who might find their phones to be a little flaky. Most noteworthy is the quashing of a bug that apparently powers your phone on without "user interaction" — an odd issue that appears to be a problem with more than one of Motorola's phones.

There's also a browser security patch, reduced "out of memory" errors, improved stability and reduced shutdowns while playing music, and improved 3G hotspot connectivity." Email and messaging has gotten a bit of an overhaul, as well: Yahoo mail users should start seeing notifications more reliably and "duplicate message errors" have also been reduced. While there isn't any new functionality, a more reliable phone is always a good thing.