My last BURNING DESIRE with Windows 8

Alright after reading today's post about Microsoft rebranding, there was one thing that still didn't sit right with me, and thats Xbox Live.

With the induction of Gamecenter on Mac, and the lackluster performance of Games for Windows, whats the next move Microsoft?



I hate the idea of having multiple stores where my games are on the same account as my Windows Apps. With Steam and Origin requiring me to download their applications that have two different friend lists with two different overlays, its getting really annoying to just play with my friends and communicate with them, and then there is the non-existant PC to Xbox co-op gameplay or even a cohesive chat system set-up.

I know Windows 8 is big, but a good portion of your customers who can afford, don't go because of PC's gaming prowess. I understand that you may want to wait for the next Xbox to introduce a connected expierence.

Even though I have no say in this matter, and people who post on tech forums love to tell people how to run their companies there are two options I think would be the best to integrate Games into the Xbox ecosystem.



The only reasonable option I see is to first integrate Skype and Facebook technologies EVERYWHERE. Litteraly, in every facet of PC, WP, Xbox, Cloud, and Office. Now that you have a compelling communication array, you should focus on cutting deals with Origin and Steam. They can still sell games and w.e. else they sell, except now they can through the Microsoft store, with a little Icon that says "Sold by Steam" or "Sold by Origin" (or Sold by "OnLive") integrate them into the marketplace.(I know Apps are able to sell through their own stores, but doing this brings a better expierence for the user). These companies are to BIG and people have invested to much $$ into these platformsto want to just get up and switch. Also since Steam and Origin both have "Friends Lists" and their own game overlays, through the deal Microsoft would arrange for them to drop their overlays, and put a revamped Games of Windows overlay.



How does everyone benefit?

Origin and Steam:

They do not have to through money at their "social" sides to gaming (And a portion of this money can go to M$)

They get full access to Windows Marketplace (kind of like a front row seat, rather than hiding their catalogs behind the curtain of their single App)

They get the security of being integrated into Windows 8

With the new incarnation of ARM games, these two companies need to stay ahead and not be considered dinasaurs of the x86 (i think thats the number) days. (Even though thats a long ways off)


Don't have to create a new beach head in the sand for PC gaming.

Attract new customers to Windows Marketplace's Games catalog by offering the best prices, since Origin and Steam completely rock on prices.

Bring the current PC gaming community in with access to all of their games into a Windows ecosystem.

With Facebook "Friend's list", with Skype's communicate backend, and Steam and Origins deals and contracts with major gaming studios, the combination would be killer.

Steam for Mac: Well, now that Apple introduced Gamecenter, it kinda sucks for Steam. But the beauty of the deal is Steam can still have a client for Mac, still save the save files online (maybe even a better place thanks to Microsoft Skydrive).

Consumer: One Account, for all digital purchases and communications period. Apple does this, but their e-mail solution sucks, their iCloud costs a lot of money for extra storage, and they are closed down into one ecosystem.

Now about the money. Microsoft is making jack shit in terms of PC Gaming sales, with Windows 8 Steam and Origin will loose the low-end customers to quick and easy ARM games. They will retain the top tier PC gamers. With this deal both will meet at an even ground and share cutsomers. Origin and Steam with obviously pay into this, because thats the best way for the partnership to work. Steam woudn't have manage save files on their end thanks to Skydrive. Both companies do not have to spend money on the "social" aspect of gaming. And Microsoft devolops the software overlay with Origin and Steam, and whoever else.

The only thing I hope mMicrosft doesn't do is try and create it's own services, with people investing hundreds of dollars in Steam and Origin, no body will switch. Kind of like all my friends and Google+, all my friends and pictures are here, why should I switch?

I dont know my burning question somehow turned into a burning solution, but thats what tech rants are all about right?