One of the major reasons that RIM is struggling with its BlackBerry brand of smartphones is the fact that the platform has a far worse app selection when compared with iOS and Android. That selection was dealt a blow yesterday when Netflix confirmed that it has no plans to support BlackBerry devices, including the PlayBook. This revelation came out on Twitter in response to a customer who asked if or when Netflix would bring its streaming video services to BlackBerry. While it may be true that most of RIM's devices are probably not suited to Netflix, the PlayBook and its new 2.0 software update could certainly benefit from the company's support. Throw in the fact that Netflix currently supports almost every other major platform and can even be installed on the Nintendo 3DS (a device that isn't perfectly suited for streaming video), and its looking like a pretty major slap in the face to RIM. Of course, this could change in the future when RIM finally pushes out BlackBerry 10, but it seems far from a sure thing at this point.