Sorely Disappointed

I've been an Ubuntu user for 4 or 5 years now, and I've witnessed remarkable strides in this time. Everything from hardware compatability enhancements to straight UI eye candy. It's been a great ride! The thing that disappoints me is that fact that our guys at The Verge only seem to deem these strides as minor achievements in technology when the sweet aroma of major achievement engulfs the Ubuntu OS like a sweet flower.

Come on guys! This is real and special. The most surprising dismissal of all is that of Josh Tops who doesn't even see the benefit in an OS that is groomed and curated by a community of unaffiliated programmers, who's only goal is to create something that's cutting edge, functional and free. Sure it may lack some of the glam & glitz of Apple and Windows, but where it lacks in spit shine it more than makes up for in security and stability.

I use Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome Shell and I love it. I'm sure I could learn to love any OS though... I loved Windows before I migrated to Linux. My experience with Apple's OS has been minimal, (due to the fact that it's a tad cost prohibiting) but I assure you what little exposure I've had was enlightening and made me realize what beautiful software design really was. And that's what makes me love Ubuntu so much, because I actually get the opportunity to have a front row seat to the beautiful, the perplexing, and the innovative. What i don't like I don't use. What I do like, I do.

All I ask is that you give Ubuntu a place at the table. Don't dismiss it like it doesn't exist or isn't useful. Especially Josh Tops. You give Ubuntu such a bum wrap that it makes me angry sometimes. I've been listening to you guys for a while now and I'd like to think that your objective and you give fair consideration to everything you review. Just continue to extend that consideration to the innovation that Ubuntu is bringing to the conversation.