We've all gone mobile since BitTorrent started bringing media and (ill-gotten) files to us in 2001, but the popular uTorrent client has so far stuck stubbornly to the desktop. It appears that might not be the case for much longer — TorrentFreak reports that uTorrent developers are working on a full version of the program for Android. No, this isn't just the uTorrent Remote app that lets you control your file sharing on your computer — like some apps already out there, this would be a complete experience that would see users seeding and leeching from their Android devices. The prospect of torrenting on your phone might sound crazy, but when you think about devices like the Asus Transformer Prime — which can function as a computer replacement — it starts making more sense. Unfortunately, BitTorrent (the owners of uTorrent) said that "at this point, we don't yet have an ETA."