The LG Optimus Vu is not a shy phone / tablet. Like the Galaxy Note, it has a large 5-inch screen, but its 4 by 3 aspect ratio makes it a very difficult device to hold in one hand. Being only 8.5mm thin certainly helps the phone-tablet hybrid feel like it's something you could carry around, but if you have designs to use this LTE phone with anything fewer than two hands, we have bad news for you. The Galaxy Note feels big, this feels massive.

The Vu has a small button on the top that brings down a custom menu where you can select different pen sizes and colors, and then you can doodle on the screen. We use the word "doodle" intentionally, because this is a straight-capacitive screen and the styli that LG have on their display are the large, rubber type. Proper note-taking requires a full tablet or a more accurate stylus, neither of which apply to the Vu.

If somehow the 4:3 aspect ratio and large size don't deter you, there is a lot to like with the Vu. The 1024 x 768 display is easy on the eyes and we weren't able to detect too much lag within any of the apps. Outside of the apps in LG's skin we did get a bit of lag from time to time, despite the dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor inside. Unfortunately, the Vu is running Android 2.3.6, but LG promises than an Ice Cream Sandwich update is on the way within the next three months.

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