An anonymous tipster just sent us the above image, apparently from the floor of Mobile World Congress, that gives us a much clearer view of what we believe will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. We saw a small portion of this image last night, along with signage that indicated this was the latest iteration of the Galaxy Note, but this picture clearly reveals the stylus input that has become the Note's trademark capability. There's also a much better view of the tablet's note-taking software, which definitely includes some embedded video (possibly shot on the tablet itself?); there's also buttons on the top for attaching files and what appears to be a microphone, probably for voice notes. We still want to see the Galaxy Note 10.1 on display before we call it official, but we expect that'll happen before too long.

Update: More and more pictures of signage (like this one from are making the rounds, clearly showing the above image along with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 branding.