Quandary: N9 vs Lumia 800

Gentlemen, I've been facing this quandary for a set of months now, and I just can't seem to make up my mind.

No, this is not a post meant to stir up a flamewar or try and downplay either 'version' of the beautiful hardware at hand, but hopefully shine some light on which one of these devices are worth picking up months after their release.

As mentioned above, I'm sold on the hardware, and what truly makes this decision so hard is the fact that I really don't care all that much about apps. With that in mind, it certainly makes the N9 viable in that sense, although one could argue in favor of W7s growing library.

I could make a long list of shallow pros and cons that I've got for and against both phones, but ultimately it wont matter as I can't make my mind up either way. Both Harmattan and Windows phone looks smooth, simple and sums up what I want in a phone, really. That's why I'm turning to you guys.

Which makes a better phone today? Will the Lumia 800 support tango? Will the N9 receive future updates/fixes besides the most recent version that was just sent out? Which phone, considering they're both priced similarly in my region, would give me most punch for my money?