I want to learn how to program.

A year ago, I could've never imagined myself feeling the urge to program apps/web sites; this was mostly due to me using Windows, I never really enjoyed using the OS and the apps were usually ugly, convoluted and just an overall pain to interact with.

I got my first smartphone, an iPhone 4, and I immediately fell in love with it. It was intuitive to use, beautiful and fun. The apps for iOS are simply out of this world when it comes to design, intuitiveness and elegance; I never understood some people's seemingly irrational love for Apple products until I used an iPhone.

Surely, if the iPhone was this good; so would the Mac? I borrowed a family members MacBook for a while and, suffices to say, it was. The apps for the Mac are just as they are for the iPhone, I was simply blown away at how beautiful and fun to use this OS and it's apps were compared to Windows.

I should state that I mean no offense towards Windows or it's users; it simply isn't for me, please do not turn this into a debate. I would appreciate and welcome worthwhile and relevant feedback from people who use any OS. Thank you.

Fast forward to today, I came to the realization I want to code; I simply love using great software.

Problem is, I've no clue where to begin; all I know is I want to make OS X/iOS apps and I'm also interested in web development.