HTC CEO Peter Chou has just announced that Sense has been updated to version 4.0. Long a bane to users who bemoaned Sense's heavy, slow interface, it looks like HTC is changing things up. The main two foci in Sense 4.0 are the camera software and the audio. HTC believes that these two areas are the most important for a phone's core experience.

"ImageSense" is designed to give you "perfect shots — every time," and is capable to taking a photo in just 0.7 seconds with a 0.2-second autofocus. HTC has also made mode switching unnecessary and added a faster burst mode. Chou claims HTC's new camera technology will deliver good results even in very low light conditions. ImageSense is also able to gauge how far away the subject is and adjust the brightness of the LED flash accordingly. In a similar vein, HTC has beefed up its HDR mode, going so far as to pit the HTC One X up against the iPhone 4S. You can also tap the shutter button while filming an HD video to grab an image instantly.

More exciting is that HTC has partnered with Dropbox to fully integrate its cloud storage. Every HTC One phone will get two free years of service with 25 gigs of storage.

HTC is adding a three-finger swipe for sending video to the just-announced Media Link TV dongle, allowing users to wireless stream video. The HTC One X is capable of streaming a video from a phone while also browsing the web from that phone.

HTC has also integrated Beats music more deeply into its Sense software, making any music or games app able to use Beats audio instead of just the core HTC Music app. HTC Sync was updated to enable easier Wi-Fi, wireless syncing. It's able to sync iTunes playlists automatically.

Sense 4.0 also has an all-new, simplified car experience, allowing you to swipe between contacts, Google navigation, and internet radio or music.