The Verge on Kindle

Recently the Verge decided to publish their long form article, "Research, No Motion" on the Kindle. I think that was a great idea and I just wanted to offer some suggestions on how to expand on that. Perhaps some type of weekly periodical could be created by The Verge and published to the Kindle. The upside to the Kindle platform is that it can be read on almost any device. If they wanted to take it a step further, they could publish it as an actual periodical. It would break compatibility on some devices, but it would add the ability to flip between articles more easily. If anyone has ever read a newspaper like The New York Times on the Kindle, then you know what I'm talking about.

At this point, you're probably thinking that this is going to be some kind of Engadget Distro knockoff. My hope is that this wouldn't end up like that. Although I've only read a few copies of the Distro, the main way that I could describe that was deja vu. I don't know if it's different now (I left Engadget behind altogether), but in the beginning they mainly took their best posts and compiled it into the Distro. After a couple issues, they added in an exclusive article or two. But for the most part, if you read the site on a daily basis, then Distro offered little new info.

I'm thinking that The Verge in Kindle could offer a different, more complimentary experience. First, all the long form articles could go in there. Rather than reposting the best articles of the week, an overview of what's new in technology could be given with small descriptions of each event. If the reader wants more info, they could visit The Verge's site for the full article. Perhaps we could also have sections in there, such a a Vox Games section with a game review or two. The Verge also has a healthy community on the forums. Perhaps there could be a "from the forums" section as well will some of the best article-style posts.

Any new info going into the Kindle issue could be delayed from the site for a week or so. That would give the Kindle readers a chance to avoid deja vu while still giving the online readers an opportunity to not be left out.

What do you guys think? Does this sound like it has potential? I'm open to feedback and suggestions. Perhaps we as a community can come up with an idea so awesome that The Verge has no choice but to go through with it!