HTC has just announced its Media Link HD wireless streaming adapter here at MWC 2012. We haven't heard too much on the product yet, but you can connect it to any television over HDMI and then stream video, photos, or music to your big screen. All you need to do to send a video or photo to the television is swipe three fingers up the on the phone's screen. The Media Link will support dual-display mode, so you can use your phone while streaming video to the TV. The whole setup sounds quite a bit like AirPlay and the Apple TV, but we don't have any pricing or availability info yet to see how this will compare. We also don't know yet if new Sense 4.0 devices like the One X and One S will be the only devices that can take advantage of the Media Link or if HTC will support older phones as well. We'll let you know when we find out more, but for now, be sure to follow our HTC liveblog for all of the company's announcements live from MWC 2012.