Did HTC get it right?

I'm still trying to digest the HTC one announcements to understand if they did enough to challenge Samsung's position as the top Android OEM but here are my initial thoughts


  • Improved camera
  • New Sense 4 features like the car/media link integration/camera features/dropbox....
  • Thinner/lighter/better looking phones


  • No sd card slot (I can actually live with this as I don't carry a lot of files locally)
  • Non removable battery (I don't remember the presentation mention battery life so that isn't a good sign)
  • What's the deal with the S vs the X? I'm having trouble calling the S a mid range phone due to its lower rez screen. I almost feel like they should have settled on 1 4.5" phone with the different processors due to the radio issues with a 720p screen
  • Exclusive carrier announcements. (Where's Verizon/Sprint versions?) I think Samsung still does it better by announcing all the variants for all carriers around the same time

The 1st thing I noticed when I switched from the Evo 3d to the Epic touch was the significantly better battery life with the Epic. HTC is only using 1800mah batteries and they are non removable so I'm not very hopeful for any significant improvement on that front

In conclusion, I think they are headed in the right direction but after showing their hand, I believe Samsung will retain its position with the GS3 release considering its rumored spec.

Let me know what you think?