Snapdragon S4 vs. Tegra 3 (alternatively, LTE vs. HSPA+)

Ok, you guys. IMHO, the biggest device of today was clearly the HTC One X. However, there are two versions of the phone (and I'm not going to get into fragmentation here) - one with the "4-PLUS-1" Tegra 3 and no LTE support, and one with the new Snapdragon S4 (dual-core), but with support for AT&T's LTE. I have a couple of questions for you guys...

First, based purely on a processor perspective, what are your thoughts on the dual-core S4 vs. the Tegra 3? I know quad-core is preferable to dual-core, but personally, I'm not a heavy gamer, and the 28 nm process supposedly gives better battery life. However, I've heard that the S4 has a worse GPU than the Tegra, but I don't know too much about GPUs anyways, so maybe you can explain it for me. Also, we've seen the demo device for S4 perform, and it looks like a boss, even competing with Tegra.

The second part of my question is that which piece of the puzzle would you rather give up for the other: LTE or Tegra 3? Personally, I would choose the LTE variant, but please voice your own opinion in the comments.

EDIT: I've heard that the LTE version is now being called the XL, and the HTC website seems to agree with me.