Is 1800mAh that bad?

I'm curious, many phones that are greatly loved by the community are smaller than 1800mAh in the One X. The HSPA+ GNex, the SGS2, the Droid Razr, etc. Heck, of AT&T and Verizons current LTE phones, the only ones that have larger batteries are the Skyrocket by 2.7%, the Nitro HD by 1.7%, the Razr Maxx by 83.3%, the LG Spectrum by 1.7%, and the Galaxy Nexus LTE by 2.7%. The only signicant difference is the Razr Maxx. More than a few have less. Some have close to 10% smaller battery, but usually it's negligible.

Why is everyone hating on the 1800mAh battery? Do that many of you actually bring a spare battery? I would be surprised if more than 10% of power users used spare internal batteries. (This does not include external power packs that the One X. If you respond to this thread, please include if you use a replacement battery, and how often you use it? Also, is it a significant issue to you?