John Gruber is Right... and it seems it will never change.



When a new version of Android is released its literally a full year or more before they start becoming mass market devices on every ones phones. Usually when a new version of Android is released, the previous version is still not even in the lead in terms of the Android install base. This is a problem.

I've been an Android user since day one with the G1. I rooted my phone before it was one click and did the all customizing I could and loved it. Now I dont have the time nor patience to tinker with my phone. I just want it to work. No Bloat. No Carrier skins. No long waiting for updates. Thats all I ask. Android cannot deliver this. I've owned 15 Android devices since my experience on the G1 and its all the same. A pain to update, have to hack to make it work the way it should, and suffers from instability. Sure I loved the Nexus One. Its still my favorite Android device and I might love Android more if the Original Nexus sales model was still around however its not and I cant put up with it.

I switched away from Windows 7 after being a life long windows fan 18 months ago for Mac. I experience on Mac has been nothing short of great. I love Android but I'm leaving it because it seems, no matter who's fault. it never will change. There will always be ugly Android skins that cause delays in updates and updates that just dont come. Add in the terrible battery most Android phones have and that alone is enough for me to call it quits. Im not leaving for iPhone because I prefer iOS, I'm leaving because Android will never change. It will always be a mess in terms of what to expect in the future.