Nvidia has released a list of handsets currently based on its Tegra 3 platform, and alongside the major names we've seen over the past couple of days — the HTC One X, LG Optimus 4X HD, ZTE Era, and Fujitsu's concept superphone — the company lists the unannounced K-Touch Treasure V8. The only K-Touch product we've seen before now is the Tegra 2-powered W700 which was launched for carrier China Unicom in April last year. The older handset gained attention as one of the earliest Tegra 2 phones available, and now it seems that K-Touch has continued this trend with the Treasure V8.

Outside of the inclusion of Tegra 3, and the fairly unassuming image shown above, there's exactly zero information available about the Treasure V8 — no announcement, no mention of an OS, nothing. We'll be on the lookout around MWC to see if we can dig up any more details.