We spent some time at HTC's booth here at MWC and learned a few new details on the Media Link HD. Like its predecessor, the HTC Media Link, it acts as a straightforward DLNA receiver if your television doesn't support it. The HD version adds a few extra HTC touches, including the ability to stream movies wrapped in DRM from the HTC Watch movie service. HTC says that is had to put together a proprietary solution in order to get around the fact that DLNA doesn't support the DRM on streaming video, not to mention Sense 4.0's ability to stream a video while still using the phone to do other tasks. HTC may open up the protocol to other app developers so they can support that feature.

It's not entirely clear what wireless protocol HTC is using to stream content when it's not using DLNA, so we'll need to wait until it's released to get a better picture (so to speak). Unfortunately, the Media Link HD wasn't yet ready enough to be shown off at HTC's booth and there's no solid release date.

You can check out the Media Link HD in action from our hands-on with the HTC One X, below.