The battle for mobile processor supremacy is heating up in 2012 as core count inflation takes hold and everyone starts gunning after quad-core chips. Qualcomm, however, is perfectly chilled out about it all. Its dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset showed off some terrific performance in a benchmark run through the AnandTech labs recently and has been featured on a number of marquee devices announced here at MWC. Today I spent a few minutes with Raj Talluri, the man in charge of the whole Snapdragon family, and together we indulged in some unqualifiedly geeky talk about what's inside the latest mobile chipset from Qualcomm and the details of the Krait CPU core. Click play below to get better educated about the fearsomely-titled hardware inside your next phone.

Oh, and if you're curious about the quad-core version of the S4, it was being shown off on reference tablets and smartphones at Qualcomm's booth, with Raj promising that retail devices should be available near the end of this year.