A new quad-core iPad is set to launch at an event next week, according to CNBC's sources. The iPad 3, we're told, will feature LTE connectivity and get its unveiling at an event in New York City next week. This meshes with the things we've heard about the tablet's release schedule so far, and the idea of it including LTE was also recently floated by The Wall Street Journal. Whether it's quad-core or dual-core remains a topic of debate, but whatever the final spec sheet, it's starting to look like a certainty that Apple will have a new member of its tablet device family within the next few days.

Update: We've just checked with our own sources and can definitely say that any prospective launch event for the iPad 3 will not be taking place in New York.

Update 2: And now Apple's made it official: March 7th iPad 3 launch event in... San Francisco.