Plenty of companies are offering cash for your old gadgets these days, from dedicated buyback sites like Gazelle to carriers like Verizon, and now Motorola's getting into the game with an offer heavily targeted at business users. Motorola just launched this program today, and it works like many of the others out there — you input the phone you want to trade in and its condition, and Motorola's site spits back a quote. The company will send you a box to ship your phone back in and you'll get paid four to six weeks later. The offers are fairly comparable with what Gazelle offers — Motorola will give $300 for a 32GB iPhone 4S, compared to $274 on Gazelle, and offered $50 for an HTC Evo 4G, compared to $45 on Gazelle. Of course, you need to buy a new Motorola phone to get this deal, while sites like Gazelle offer no similar restrictions (though it does look like Motorola is offering a little more cash in some cases).

While you can certainly use your new Motorola phone for anything you want, Motorola has specifically created a new business-focused portal for this promotion and is also offering a MotoAssist IT-focused service that will help users migrate their contacts and data to their new device and even work with larger IT firms to ensure a smooth transition. That's all well and good, but the real draw here is cash for your old devices — if you were thinking of buying a new Motorola phone, you might as well check out their buyback program and see if they'll give you more cash than Gazelle (or that sketchy stranger on Craigslist) is offering.