If there's one thing that you think of when it comes to elegant, easy-to-use modern design, it's not Flickr. The photo sharing service announced last month that it was going to spruce up its design and get rid of some dead weight, and now one of those changes is taking effect. The new "justified" view, which fills the screen with photos and maintains their aspect ratios, is popping up in users' streams of photos from contacts now. In addition to a more attractive layout, justified view also lets you favorite, comment, or view a photo in light box (read: fullscreen) right from the thumbnails. While the new view isn't yet available for other Flickr pages, we think it goes a long way to fix one of our chief complaints with the site's design: an overabundance of white space.

If you aren't blown away by the new justified layout, you can always switch back to one of the old views by clicking on a drop down list found in the top right corner of the screen. The company says that there are also many more changes to come, so if the justified view isn't enough to get you using Flickr like it's 2007, maybe some of the surprises the team has around the corner will be.