Your mobile phone history.

I was digging around for a lost cable this afternoon and happened across my old RAZR V3 in the bottom of a box of various tech bits built up over from the decade or so since I left home. Earlier this year I had also found my very first phone(a Nokie 6800) in my car trunk and since it was still sitting out on my desk was suddenly inspired to put together a timeline of my phones. I shortly found my Chocolate and finally lined them all up with the Droid that I replaced in december with my current Galaxy Nexus but still use occasionally as a back up alarm clock and such.

And here they are, lined up in their dusty glory:


What I find interesting is that the Galaxy Nexus has turned out to be my first and only phone without some sort of movement or action to it. All four of these phones "do something" that gives them a certain character and novelty, and it makes me wonder if I'll ever develop the level of attachment for it that I have for these other devices. Next time I upgrade it will probably be to something that looks pretty much the same, which the major differences buried in the hardware underneath the glass and the software running on it. I suppose I find that kind of sad in a strange way.


So let us celebrate these artifacts of the age of buttons and hinges and nubs and wheels and other mechanical bits that are soon to fade into history. Share your phone history with us, that these cellular friends may never be forgotten.

- Vin