Just as we heard last week, the Mozilla Marketplace is now open for developers to submit their HTML5 apps. In a blog post today, Mozilla expanded on where it expects the Marketplace to go, noting that for starters, the platform will focus on "mobile apps" that will run in any HTML5 equipped browser — it sounds like Mozilla might be focusing on mobile phones rather than desktop apps. Mozilla's really playing up the interoperability angle with this new Marketplace, noting that HTML5 apps can look and feel the same as native apps, without having to rewrite for target platforms. To go along with that spirit, Mozilla's also highlighting what it calls a "new identify system" for the internet that ties apps to users, rather than platforms. While details were minimal, it sounds like users will need sign up for a Mozilla Marketplace ID that ties all their purchases together.

If you're interested in developing for the Mozilla Marketplace, there's a number of helpful links in the blog post to resources, including an apps wiki and a wide variety of how-to coding documents. As for the rest of us, It'll still be a while before these apps are available — according to Mozilla's timeline, the next step following the "developer registration" period is a Q2 public beta. As for when the full public will have access to the Mozilla Marketplace, the only details on that roadmap are a vague "2012."