Why or why not are you upgrading to the iPad 3?

So, it's official. March 7th is the magical day. We know it will have a super high res. display. Other possibilities are: Siri, Faster Processor, LTE.

I think the most likely out of those last 3 is the LTE.

So are you upgrading? Not upgrading? Why or why not?

I'm not. Here are my reasons.

High Resolution "Retina" Display: Okay, I must admit, a better display would be absolutely amazing. There have been so many times where I have to zoom in just so the text is not ridiculously blurry. The thing is, spreading my fingers 0.5 inches doesn't single handedly justify dropping at least $500. It's really nice, but not worth it.

Quad-core: I have never once said, "Wow, this iPad is so slow. I wish I had a quad-core processor to browse the web." The processor in the current iPad 2 is great for me. All i do is use Flipboard, browse the web, watch Youtube, and play Minecraft. I don't think a quad-core processor is going to make these tasks so amazing that I must upgrade.

LTE: I buy wi-fi only models. Nice for some but means absolutely nothing to me.

No home button: This rumor just sprang up today, but I believe that it is true. I'm not sure if some of you knew this, but iOS 5 comes packed with iPad gestures. I can't remember the last time I touched my home button. It doesn't have to be removed for you to not use it.

iPad 2 Price: An obvious assumption is that the iPad 2 model prices will drop when the iPad 3 comes out. This is great for me. I have a 16GB and thanks to a price drop will be able to sell my iPad and pick up a 32GB at a much cheaper price.

Please note that I this is not a rant saying the iPad 3 will be a no good waste of money. It's going to be amazing. But for me, it's not worth $500 bucks.