iPad3: Who is ready for a performance hit?

Now that we know for sure that the iPad3 will have a new display it's time to discuss performance! I think it is safe to say that the iPad3 speed wise will not be faster than the iPad2. And that has to do with the resolution of the screen. 2048x1536 is a desktop resolution that will be driven by a mobile GPU. It is close to a 27" iMac resolution!! Performance will be compromised.

We might not see a performance hit on 2d operations but we will definitely see a performance hit on 3d gaming. Better graphics -higher polygon counts, dynamic lighting, realistic animation, antialising, higher res textures- is definitely out of the question. What I'm wondering is if we will be able to at least have the same performance on games with same polygon count and engine as the ones today. Because the GPU now has to drive 4 times the information it was driving before. And from what it looks like the new GPU might be at best 4x times better than the previous one.

Not to mention the size requirements a x4 screen bump will require. Now everything has to have x4 times the resolution. And with resolution comes size. Some of the magazines will double (if not more) in size. And that is only just one example. Suddenly the 64GB iPad won't feel as roomy as before. One other thing to consider is the read performance. If you have more data to move around and the read performance is the same or slightly higher we could easily see a decrease in app performance

But those aren't the only components to blame. RAM can also play a big role. Apple has a history of putting as little RAM as possible on its devices. It's true that the iPad and the iPhone are extremely optimized so they don't need as much memory as other devices but the iPad 3 will definitely scream for more memory. I hope I'm wrong but I think the best RAM upgrade we will see is 768MB. This won't be bad only for multitasking and general program performance. It'll make the next gen apps, the apps that will start being closer to desktop apps, probably appear on the iPad 4.

If we had the same resolution as today but the new CPU GPU components we could easily see apps that would be infinitely better than today. Image editing apps that are closer to desktop apps, Music apps, video editing that is useful and can edit large projects, music programs that can drive many racks, amazing 3d gaming etc. And as good as the iPad 2 is it's time to move faster and have tablets that are true desktop replacements.

I hope I'm wrong but I think iPad3 will just be an iPad 2 with a better screen performance wise. The screen is a really important component but not to the point of compromising the whole experience.

So what do you guys think? I would definitely like to hear your thoughts about it.