Sexual Harassment in the Fighting Game Community

Over at the PA Report, Ben's published an article detailing some of the more unfortunate vagarities of the fighting game community. Specifically, the amount of rampant sexual harassment that goes on during games, events and community gathering places (online and offline).

Many in the fighting game community have shot back saying that (in the example in the article) Aris was only joking, and that his comments shouldn't be taken seriously. And that, in fact, to censor such comments would be to undermine something fundamental to what drives and powers the fighting game community.

And I don't buy that for a second. While I understand the desire to keep a level of familiarity within a scene, and to avoid the sort of corporate whitewashing that can happen if censors are too strict and puritanical, I disagree completely with the notion that the level of immaturity displayed in the clips and in various responses around the web is a significant contributor to the fabric of the fighting game community.

Granted, I don't have a very deep history with fighting games. Most of my gaming history has been focused on the StarCraft (Brood War and SC2) communities, and within that scene, that sort of behavior wouldn't be tolerated. It still happens, of course, but when called out on such actions, I feel that I can say confidently that the scene's members wouldn't rally around the behavior as a defining trait of the community.

I'm curious what others here think, and especially those with a deeper and longer history within the fighting game community.