Washington D.C. based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Sigal has created the "FaceTime facelift," prompted by the number of his patients who disklike their appearance when video chatting. Common complaints include a heaviness and sagginess of the face and neck, which is exacerbated by the angle you hold a phone at in order to use tools like FaceTime or Skype. Dr. Sigal explains that in response to this rise in requests he has developed a liposuction procedure specifically to address these areas.

This mirrors David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest, which surmises that video calling will never truly take owing to people's vanity and the stress of having to actively connect with everyone you call. Kottke.org referred to the novel at the launch of FaceTime, suggesting that perhaps Apple's videocalling service would suffer the same fate. However, it seems that he was wrong — some people are more willing to physically change themselves than abandon the new technology.