We're starting to see the first demos of working Metro apps for Windows 8. Amazon has created a Metro version of its Kindle app — no surprise, really, given that the company has been supporting as many platforms as possible, PC included. Microsoft also showed a dedicated WordPress.com app lets you share content directly with a charm. A Cookbook app got some attention as well, and Cut the Rope was shown to demonstrate how easy it was to turn HTML5 content into full apps.

On a tour of the new Windows Store, we briefly saw a Metro version of Flixter as well as an icon for the Telegraph, USA Today, Slacker, and Daily Motion. Microsoft also held an app contest and showed a bunch of icons, including at least one (likely 3rd party?) Facebook icon. Winners included Elements, PuzzleTouch, Air Soccer, Pew Pew, FlipStats, SigFig, and Cookbook.

Bottom line: Microsoft knows that app support for Metro is one of the most important metrics for Windows 8's success, and the company believes it is on track to deliver.