Upgrading my tablet: Yes or no?

I'm a 16-year old guy and I'm a real gadget freak. Since I've owned the HTC Desire HD, Android, and tech in general, has become my hobby. After the Desire HD I bought an Eee Pad Transformer and after that a Galaxy Nexus.
Now my Transformer just got updated to ICS and I'm really in love with it again (I kinda left it in the dust, since Honeycomb was pretty terrible). It finally does things the way it should do and I don't understand how I could ever use Honeycomb in my old days.
It does have it's problems though, the biggest being that it is too bulky and heavy for me and also that there are still quite a few bugs that make the experience less enjoyable than it should be. I don't feel comfortable using it for longer than 20 minutes thanks to the weight and that's really sad, cause I really do want to use it for longer than 20 minutes since the awesome ICS update.

Now MWC has just ended and ASUS has announced a new range of tablets. When the Prime came out, I decided to hold off and not upgrade, but now with the Transformer Infinity my body starts tingling and I get that "I want that new gadget" feeling again. The problem is, I don't make much money since I'm only 16-years old. Like next to no money. So if I want to buy it, I have to put all my effort in it and save up all my money to buy the damn thing when it comes out.
The Transformer Pad 300 is no option since I've always wanted the 'best of the best' and I'm almost certain that if I save a few bucks buying the Transformer Pad 300, I will regret it soon after.

So now my question is, should I upgrade, yes or no?
I feel like my old Transformer was a product of the 'first' generation and the Transformer Infinity will be a much more complete product (especially with the Prime fiasco) and I can hold out much longer with the Transformer Infinity. (My original Transformer has some major problems after I dropped it once and I'm now looking into fixing it, but still; it says something about the build quality).
Also, the original Transformer has convinced me on ASUS's concept and I will not upgrade to any other tablet (except maybe a Nexus tablet, on the condition that it has some unique features supported by Google, but I doubt it, especially since I don't live in the US (Google Music/Wallet/Movies anyone?)) outside of ASUS's Transformer series.
This means that IF I wait, I have to wait another year or so, since ASUS probably won't update their line-up for a while again and even when they do update their line-up, I'm not that certain it will be worth the wait.
ICS was a really big step for Android and I feel like they will slow down a little on the Jelly Bean (we can call it Jelly Bean now, can't we?) update. Also, Quadcore-processors have just been released and I don't think that the new processors in the next line-up will be that big a revolution compared to the Tegra 2 -> Tegra 3 upgrade.

So now I made up a whole story why I should buy it, but there are also enough points why I shouldn't. First of all, I like the design of the Prime better than the Pad Infinity (an old-looking plastic bar at the top? Ugh...) and it does kinda feel like a waste if you put so much money in something you aren't completely satisfied about.
Second of course is the money problem. The Prime was $100 more expensive than the original Transformer and the Pad Infinity adds another $100 which makes my wallet really sad.
Now I can't really make up any important 3rd reason, but I guess these 2 points are pretty big, especially the 2nd one.

So, any thoughts?

P.S. I wrote this message since I had nothing to do and thought it would be a good idea to go into the forums of my favorite tech site to sound off and up my English a little bit in the process (I live in Holland, so I'm not a native English speaker). Feel free to make any comments on my English/style of writing. I'd appreciate it!