Why are the cheaper electric cars so hideous?

Tesla has nice designs, sleek and refined, something you would not feel embarrassed riding.

Too bad their sedan is going to cost over 55 thousand pre tax breaks, not something many people can even begin to justify and afford.

The cheaper option created by Nissan is much better on the pocket book, but honestly, it is one of the single most hideous things I have ever seen. It looks like a frog.


via panaman.org


I did not think ANYTHING could look worse than the prius (yet another eco friendly + HIDEOUSLY designed car), but the nissan is in a special class of ugly, not a normal ugly, it's like circus ugly, an ugly that almost seems designed with the primary goal to craft the least attractive body imaginable.

Nissan could have killed with a low cost electric that was more affordable, but then they ruined it with that grotesque design.

I just want to know, why? Why did they do it? Did the hideous nature of the prius make them think people just did not care about looks?

I mean I get that prius drivers have style very low on the list of concerns in their car, but even they have limits.