Looking for a nice surround sound headset

Hello all,

Recently (today), Razer finally enabled preorders on the Tiamat 7.1 headset. Now, I was really excited for this headset, and I was sure I was going to get one as soon as I could in the months leading up to today. It was destiny then perhaps, that calamity struck. I did not even have enough time to get off of work to even think about buying the damn thing, let alone wait until my next paycheck. Razer has apparently run out of stock, and will not have more in until mid-freaking-March. At this point, after being disappointed again and again by missed release dates and now this, I'm not really feeling up to waiting until March to get shafted yet another time. So I'm turning to you, the Vergens, to suggest headsets that you feel are worth using.

What headset manufacturers/models would you recommend? I'm looking probably in the $100-200 range, maybe a little more if it's really worth it. Over the head design would be preferred and getting some use out of my sound card is really important (ie not connected via USB). My main use for this headset would be gaming, eg Battlefield 3, but I do listen music quite a bit. For reference, I am currently using the Razer Carcharias, which, while nice, could have a little more going for it.

Thank you in advance,

The offending headset

My current headset