Is Windows Phone 7 ready for real use?

Before I explain that question, let me just say I spent the last year or so in the Apple ecosystem. Until last month, I had an aging Mac Mini for schoolwork and an iPad 2 for basically everything else, but the Mac became too slow to do a lot of things (Photoshop, coding ... Skyrim) and the iPad wasn't capable of them either. I decided I was ready for a change, so I sold both and got an HP Envy 14, which is just fantastic.

But now I have a problem that I'm sure a lot of you can relate to. I have documents floating around in iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Docs, which have been uploaded, downloaded, and converted between formats more times than I can count. My other stuff is in the same boat: it's all spread too thin, between different places in different ecosystems. I've tried Apple's and Google's solutions and found them wanting - the former because I don't have all Apple products anymore, and the latter because I don't like being tied to a browser.

So I'm taking a serious second look at the Microsoft ecosystem. This morning, I downloaded all my documents into one place, reformatted them as necessary, organized them into a usable folder structure, and dumped them into SkyDrive. I installed Windows Live Mesh, which seems to be just as good as Dropbox (better, even, since it lets you sync folders from all over your computer to your 5 GB cloud) and much better than iCloud, which still doesn't sync natively to the Mac. From what I've seen, Office Live isn't quite superior to Google Docs, but it's more than sufficient for document editing on the fly.

I guess what I'm wondering is if the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem is this good. Should I move my photos, calendar, contacts, et al to Windows Live as well? I still have an iPhone 3G, which is definitely due for an upgrade in April - should I buy a Windows phone? What about a Windows 8 tablet when they come out later this year?