Netflix Gems

So I just happened upon a couple more series on netflix I'd never bothered to watch before and thought why not share the joy.

This can also serve as an assist to people like Josh who can't seem to find anything interesting to watch. I am like that too if I constantly search which is why I have switched to an on and off scour sessions.

So here are a few gems that many people have never seen and should.

-Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - fantastic show, to the point where anyone who has not seen the show is basically like one of those lifeless husks from mass effect.



-Avatar the Last Airbender - this "kids" show is one of the great epics of our time, and it has passed too many late 20 somethings and early 30 somethings by.

-Warehouse 13 - this is one of those syfy shows I saw once and thought, meh. But after seeing more episodes on netflix back to back the show gets better and better. You can only see the first 2 seasons there now, but there is a third also, and it is fantastic.

-Being Human - was looking for a rebound show after the end of warehouse 13, and this fit the bill well, it is a remake of a british show, but it's surprisingly good and compelling. This really is an unknown gem.

If you want to try a non netflix series, you could always try carnivale too. It was an old hbo show about the dustbowl and avatars of good and evil, sound dull? It is probably one of the finest examples of television I have ever seen in nearly 30 years of life. It's not for everyone, it is less action oriented and there is massive buildup and character development, but my god are you rewarded with a rich and compelling world. The score for this series is a wonder of the world as well. All the more reason it is a shame because one of the most divine musical creations has never been seen by most of you. You are, the mass effect husks until you see this series.

It was canceled after 2 seasons, I consider that one of the greatest sins of the last thousand years, a crime of unspeakable horror. If you care about anything in life, try and find a copy of that show and watch it, it can't be streamed on hbo go, but this is one of the few series that is worth 10 times the price if paid for.

and... that's it from me for now. I am sure others have some suggestions as well.