If the US were to convert the existing highway system...

as well as the interior airport system over to Maglev. I've been thinking about this for a minute.. Read and comment and share:

The highway system is borked. Traffic is borked, police are borked. The airline system is borked, the TSA is borked. Both systems contribute insane amounts of pollution to the atmosphere PER DAY. There is a way to get rid of all of these problems without harming transportation within the US: Convert the whole system to Maglev.

Step one: Systematically convert each interstate highway over to Maglev routes. Boeing and other airplane making companies can modify airplane designs for Maglev liners, as aerodynamics is the prime factor. It would also become possible to get one's car across the country without driving it. Maglev liners have hauling capacities that are quite large.

Step two: Convert all non-coastal airports over to become Maglev terminals/depots. Airline companies can still run the terminals and offer competing prices and such, they just do so on a system that doesn't pour pollution out each day, nor run the risk of terrorists ramming planes into buildings.

Step three: Shift ALL coastal airports over to service international travelers only. The entire US interior becomes a no airplane zone. Maglev handles ALL transit.

Goal one: Personal vehicle pollution: reduced.
Goal two: Deaths by personal vehicle accidents: reduced.
Goal three: Airline pollution: virtually eliminated.
Goal four: Plane vs building threat: virtually eliminated.
Goal five: Jobs created by construction and conversion.
Goal six: Jobs saved by transfer to similar industry.
Goal seven: Reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

Also, such a conversion would also be the prime time to lay a very robust fiber optic network over the entire continental US. It could become the Second US Industrial Revolution!

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