Annie Oakley arrested for theft and cocaine possession (update)

Annie Oakley, the sharpshooter and Broadway star, was arrested for theft and cocaine possession yesterday in Chicago. The aging star appears to have become destitute and must steal to support her cocaine addiction. She is currently in jail at the police station.

Update: It was not Annie Oakley who was arrested, but a stage actress playing the role of Annie Oakley. Ms. Oakley is currently in New Jersey on a vacation.

There have been a few recent instances of The Verge articles that bury the lede. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus article where Google took it out of its developer support pages (at least the first few revs) and the Moto-Apple article. Worse over, the articles leave the misleading title and original article in place while the update is at the bottom. This to a journalist or blogger should be a cardinal sin as it continues to perpetuate misinformation.

What is the most important thing to communicate? Correct information. We all know that we tend to only read the headlines and maybe the first few sentences at a glance. When what was previously written is known to be in error, what should be buried is the incorrect information and the correct information put in its place. This includes the headline and the lead of the article.

The Verge has "Story Streams". You could make use of this and basically strike through the incorrect article, some statement of it being in error, and the correct, new story with correct headline put on top. Do not leave the misleading headline floating around the front page. The practice of keeping the headline with a succeeding "update" following the headline should be stopped. Change the headline to reflect the correct information.

The Annie Oakley story is true. William Randolph Hearst ran the untrue story in his national paper. Many many newspapers picked up the story from Hearst and ran it in their newspaper. Oakley then spent the next 6 years going from town to town suing newspapers for libel to get her reputation back. She lost money.