An unexpected over-the-air update for one lucky Verizon Galaxy Nexus at Android Central has turned into a downloadable ROM for Android hackers. The version is 4.0.4, which matches the Ice Cream Sandwich leak for the Sprint Nexus S 4G from a few days ago. For the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, the changes are predictably minor for a point-update, but should ease some of the pain users have been experiencing. Users at xda-developers have been putting together an unofficial change log which reveals that switching between 4G and 3G is much more efficient now, perhaps thanks to new radio firmware. There's also a new power menu (which has been available to those on a 4.0.3 ROM), speed enhancements throughout, and multitouch also seems to work better.

Obviously installing a leaked ROM isn't for everybody, but the faint-of-heart should know that there's a better than even chance that what we're looking at here is going to be released to all Verizon Galaxy Nexus customers in the near future. Hit up the source links for the full list of fixes and for information on how to procure the ROM, if that's your style.