Things haven't been going particularly well for Yahoo: the company's co-founder has just left, and now more Americans go to Bing to search than Yahoo (its search is powered by Bing, to boot). Yahoo hasn't given up looking for ways to bring in more traffic, though; its latest gambit is an app hub for iOS and Android apps. There is a now an apps tab (it sits along mainstays like web, images, video, and local) that will take you to the hub. The app pages themselves include summaries, screenshots, reviews, developer info, and a place for Yahoo users to leave their own reviews.

As with Google, Yahoo will also foreground app information within regular web searches now. Unfortunately, it is only displaying iPhone and Android apps: iPad, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry don't appear in Yahoo's results yet. Worse, when we searched for newer apps like Reckless Racing 2, they didn't even show up in the results. Once you find the app you are looking for, you can scan a QR code, have the URL texted to your phone, or choose to be forwarded to the App Store or Android Market. Despite the shortcomings, it is a better-executed app scraper than most we've seen. Still, as an attempt at being relevant in mobile again, Yahoo comes up short.