The Good Laptop of Today

Ever since my trusted old desktop computer, which I built myself, gave up the ghost I've been struggling along with nothing but an old netbook. It's now been over 6 months. So I started looking for a good general purpose laptop.

Finding one is not something I would have expected to become a huge issue, there is after all a huge market of different laptops out there to consider and choose from.

Alas, most laptops look to be absolute crap. It seems they all come with relatively terrible screens that rarely have resolutions above 1336x768, they are all mostly made from questionable plastics and are usually massive, hot and loud. And there are perhaps 2 or 3 that don't have the, still flaky, trackpad off to the left side for some ungodly reason. How can this be?!

The only real options that I've come across while perusing reviews and price comparison sites are Lenovo Ideapads, which seem to be unavailable for purchase from where I am, and Macbooks Pro.

Am I looking for the wrong things in laptops? Are there gems out there that I'm missing? What are other people using and how?

What are the best laptop computers on the market today?