WP7 - Promising but needs to be updated, quick

I've gotten an LG Optimus 7 for cheap and while I'm more than happy with the responsiveness and many of the fresh approaches to the GUI, some shortcoming are just headscratchers.

The first and foremost shortcoming that I don't see get mentioned too often is the lack of touch event in Internet Explorer. Just what the heck is MS thinking not getting this implemented ASAP? So many websites nowadays use the swipe gesture with Javascript, one of them being this very site and IE doesn't support it. That's almost inexcusable.

In addition, the browser's font handling just looks wrong. It's something the desktop IE never did all that well and webkit browsers, especially the mobile Safari on iOS, look so much better.

And there are little features that just feels missing - scrubbing through music on timeline - really, no scrub on timeline in 2011?? -, lack of built-in podcast downloader, no way to play MP3 on browser and Youtube video in background, etc. Plus volume adjustments really should be separated for media and ringers.

Also as a side note, perhaps I'm being too picky but I found the brightness/contrast calibration of bright grey on this display to be too much and there's no way I can adjust it. The dimming adjustment is limited to only 3 levels, which makes it very difficult to use in dark as the screen is much too bright.

I'm complaining because I actually really like what Microsoft did here and that's why I didn't even get to some of more controversial part, such as customizable UI, still smallish ecosystem, etc, but with iOS and Android being so much ahead, Microsoft really need to up their development speed and adds some missing features outside the major releases, IMHO. For now, WP7 is a wonderfully made mobile OS but that gives me the "death by 1000 cuts" because there are so many little things missing compared to competition.

The more worrying part is the rumour of MS not giving the older phones the WP8 upgrade. The current marketshare of WP7 is small enough that it might not matter all that much if WP8 is amazing but it'll surely piss off all the early adopters who took the faith in the platform.