Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications at the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin have devised a new web streaming format to make video less jumpy on your mobile device when you’re watching it over LTE. The web format, called DASH (dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP), allows network cell Radio Resource Managers (RRMs) to dynamically switch between different versions of a video or image on the fly, feeding users a low-quality stream when traffic is high or reception is poor, and switching to a higher-quality stream when conditions improve. RRMs generally aren’t smart enough to know the size of a video stream, or what resource requirements it may have before it starts serving the stream up to users, but using DASH, both the transmitting station and the user's device would check reception and network volume before the transmission begins, meaning that the stream should start smooth and stay smooth. The researchers will be showing off their work at MWC in Barcelona later this month.