Google's just pulled the curtains off of its "Solve for X" website, and it appears that Google is nearing the creation of a TED-like think tank that will focus on talks about radical technological ideas. The site describes the effort as "a place where the curious can go to hear and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems." So far, it sounds a lot like the same territory covered by Google X — Google's secret lab that's suspected of working on over a hundred "shoot-for-the-stars" ideas.

Other hints about the Solve for X's format have appeared on the web today: Richard W. DeVaul, a researcher in Google's secret lab, mentioned on his Google+ page that the Solve for X conference just had talks on transforming education, improvements in agriculture, synthetic biology, and carbon-negative biofuels. And perhaps the most convincing evidence is a leaked image from within the Solve for X site's CSS, showing ten steps on how to pitch and prepare for a Solve for X talk.

DeVaul says that the program's YouTube page will post all new presentations "by Monday," so it looks like we'll soon find out what kind of "moon shot" ideas will actually be a part of Solve for X.