Turns out the 13-minute halftime show really is the big draw of the Super Bowl, at least according to Google. The search giant has released a number of stats on how people used its services during the big game, with "Madonna" being the top trending search term, followed by "halftime show," "Patriots," "Tom Brady," and "Giants." No major surprises in that group, though two non-football terms topping the list shows how much non-football fans might influence these results. Google also showed how searchers moved from the computer to the couch as game time rolled around — 25 percent of searches for terms relating to Super Bowl commercials came from mobile before the game, but that number jumped to 41 percent once the game started. For more in-depth details on how users searched around the Super Bowl, including a 10x increase in "seven layer dip" searches, check out Google's blog post or the infographic below.